The generation of awesome starts here.

We celebrate everyone. Accepting them as they are and believing their unique talents can change the World. We inspire our community to put on their invisible capes of awesome-ness and equip them with the tools to drive their own radical acts of kindness. We see our WorldChangeAgents (WCAs) step up to the plate to manage on-going programs for disadvantaged youth and communities as well as run CSR campaigns for big corporates.  


We are a purpose-driven organization that started from delivering 'blessings' to disadvantaged kids and communities in Southeast Asia to a platform that empowers youths to be the change they want to see in the World. Over the years, we collected excess supplies from corporations and donations-in-kind from the local community such as school supplies, hygiene products and kid-related products to distribute to partners on the ground, who qualify to receive these gifts by running local social programs of their own. The beginnings of each 'Blessing' start in the household of the everyday Singaporean. For example, Mrs. Tan will look around her home for items in perfect condition and then drives them over to one of our drop-off points (hosted by partner organizations) located across the Island. Our 'Big Boy Friends in the Big Offices' also come by on a regular basis to donate lots of brand new goodies like hygiene supplies, stationery, clothing and books! We host volunteer WorldChangeAgents at our HQ to roll up their sleeves, sort, pack and get Blessing Bags full of love and ready for Education or Sanitation.  And, thanks to connections with frequent travelers, airlines and logistics professionals, we were able to fly over 150,000 bundles of Blessings across the whole of Asia to be handed over to a growing number of children and communities per year.  One family even took up 115kg worth of brand new school supplies - all in their luggage!

As of 2014, we have moved away from our beloved model of sending Blessing Bags and Love to our neighboring countries and started focusing on the many opportunities to serve and give at home ...  

The Story of Blessings in a Bag!

The NExt Chapter: Beyond Awesome

In 2014, we started looking for opportunities to impact the local community and found a considerable need for helping disadvantaged kids succeed academically. Our goal is to reach every kid who finds it difficult or doesn't have the resources to excel in a high pressure academic environment and teach them through alternative learning methods to rediscover their inner "awesome".

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”
— Theodore Roosevelt