Our hearts are full with gratitude to have the support, time and the heart of the following individuals who commit to our programs.  Everyone you see on this page is a #WorldChangeAgent, meaning that the only tangible reward they receive is the ability to witness the transformation and progress of every life we've impacted over the years.




Yi Han has journeyed with Blessings in a Bag for 5 years and counting, starting her adventures as a #WorldChangeAgent (volunteer) by helping to sort through donations-in-kind, readying them to be distributed to communities in need across Asia.  She currently inspires our community of #WCAs, co-ordinates volunteer schedules and engages Singapore families to gain access to our programs. Yi Han is currently a research scientist at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and leads our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Math) component placing an emphasis on science through discovery, hands-on experiments and wonder!  Science is engaging and relevant with real world applications and one of her first workshops with us was teaching our students scientific concepts through the art of molecular gastronomy!



Michelle is instrumental in coordinating our massive group of World Change Agents to make sure we have enough people assisting with the Beyond Awesome program on a weekly basis. 
With a background as a Cardiac Intensive Care nurse, Michelle is also key in helping with the health and safety aspects of Beyond Awesome and Ok Go. 

hui ling lim
beyond awesome captain

Hui ling is one the creative brains on the team, and does an incredible job designing arts and crafts activities for the Beyond Awesome Saturday sessions that are accessible and fun for all our kids regardless of their age! An industrious entrepreneur, she has dedicated a significant amount of time to help us fundraise at various pop-up booths in addition to creating content for the Beyond Awesome kiddos.   

KRistin Kaplan 
Beyond Awesome Leader

Having recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Arts Education from LASALLE Singapore, Kristin has helped boost the confidence of our Beyond Awesome kids in immeasurable ways. Through her skilful handling of sessions centred around The Arts and Visual Thinking Strategies, she's helped once shy kids feel proud of their ability to create and talk about artwork. Kristin is now assisting with getting our new generation of World Change Agents to the next level, so that our WCA community can be at its best. 

Mei Phing Lim
Beyond Awesome Captain 

Mei Phing once admitted that she joined our Beyond Awesome Program to push herself out of her comfort-zone and work with children to practice her patience. We admire her honesty, and would never have guessed that she wasn't a natural with kids! She assists regularly at Thursday and Saturday sessions, and has also been a valuable voice at our Beyond Awesome 101 sessions for new volunteers - where she offers great advice to help educate newcomers about our program.

beyond awesome Leader

Kate has been working with our Beyond Awesome Program since it first started on the void deck of an HDB in Henderson Rd. With a background in Advertising, she was inspired to leave the corporate world through working with us and feeling there was more she could do for the world. Kate has a passion for working with children and has helped curate session content for the children on Thursday evenings - such as the Around The World sessions aimed at getting the kids excited to learn about new cultures and people. 

Susan Lyons
Beyond Awesome Leader

With a background in Education, Susan is one of our key drivers for curriculum and student well-being at Beyond Awesome this year. Her focus lies in creating content that is student-led, allowing our children to experience self-directed learning across various activities, which will hopefully inspire them to become the change-makers for their own communities! Her empathy and ability to create safe-spaces where all team members and children feel welcomed and able to contribute, makes her a truly valuable member of our Leadership team. 

Nicolette Koh
Beyond Awesome Captain

Nicolette has been with the program for well over a year and has built up a great rapport with the children. She's a key member of the team for Beyond Awesome that coordinates safe pick-ups and drop-offs for the kids, as well as recruiting new volunteers (She's managed to convince two of her co-workers to join!). If she's not there for a session her absence is definitely missed by the kids and met with cries of "where's teacher Nicolette?!" This relationship-building is one of the keys to making our Beyond Awesome a safe and welcoming space for vulnerable kids. 

And there are many more awesome souls that help our programs run on a weekly basis for whom we are incredibly grateful! 


When we work with our #WorldChangeAgents, we want them to discover their inner awesome-ness and use that to spearhead projects, campaigns and, well...change the World!  In order to do this, we bring rockstars from various industries to serve our community of #WorldChangeAgents by being personal sounding-boards and cheer-leaders.  Meet some of our rockstars...


The blank piece of paper is Lara’s playground.  She is known for breaking down complex situations into a few achievable steps with a knack for building win-win relationships.

Professionally, Lara has danced along her own path of teaching in China, derivatives market making in Hong Kong, vodka drinking in Mongolia and strategy consulting in Singapore.  All these experiences are now invested in her design studio, LLx, which she co-leads with her architecture-trained husband, Lennard.  Together with their superstar team, they design sculpturally iconic spaces for shops, offices and homes.  

A true Global Citizen, Lara is always on the look out for new adventures, whether it's taking a midnight dip in McRitchie Reservoir or building a unique pop-up pavilion.  You can count on her to raise her hand up with a yes!

On being asked why she loves 'Blessings in a Bag', Lara shares: "Who doesn't like Blessings?  Who doesn't like Bags?  Now bring them together and what do you get - biddidi-bobbidi-BOOOM > Youth in Singapore (and beyond) are laughing, smiling, having fun and connecting in ways that surpasses any number of Facebook likes.  The unconditional acceptance for everyone is heart warming and a true Bag of Blessings for the youth of today's Singapore."



Nick Gleeson

Nick is an independent advisor and business investor. He was the Chief Financial Officer of BW Group Limited since late 2015, a role which he also held April 2012 to October 2013. Nick served as the Chief Executive Officer of BW LPG Limited from November 2013 to August 2015.  

Nick has also held CFO roles in private and listed companies including Miclyn Express Offshore, BW Gas Ltd, Compagnie Financiere Tradition (Asia & UK). He began his career with KPMG in Sydney, and served for more than 10 years with subsidiaries of Phililps Electronics in Audit Chief and CFO roles.  Nick has over 25 years of international management experience across various industries and including broad geographic exposure.  On being asked why he loves 'Blessings in a Bag', Nick shares:  "I love Blessings in a Bag because the model is such a great one for charitable works. Doing what you can, with what you have, wherever you are, exemplifies both the way of thinking which can be most constructive in helping others, but also the nature of communal spirit which seems increasingly lost in today’s fast-paced and intensely demanding society."



Now a full time marketing consultant for HubSpot, Ruth helps agencies and business owners across Asia to fuel their inbound marketing efforts and build out exceptional teams.  Ruth has been a bit of a professional nomad, having worked in Singapore, China, the UAE, Russia and Ireland in different marketing roles.  She loves brainstorming new ideas, coming up with creative solutions to different challenges, driving results and creating campaigns, events, art and theatre!  She also loves yoga, fitness, travel and brunches!

On being asked why she loves 'Blessings in a Bag',  Ruth shares:  "Every time I help out with Blessings in a Bag, I go home feeling inspired and invigorated by the young people who want to make a real positive difference.  Through both small and big acts of kindness, we can collaborate together to help those around us and empower ourselves to do something awesome!"  



Kathy has a law degree with honours from the University of Wales and an MBA from the UK.  She worked in the city of London as a licensed Lloyds Insurance broker and started her career placing Faculative Reinsurance in the market, specialising in Oil and Gas, with Jenner Fenton Slade (UK), later acquired by AON Group.  In her spare time, she co-founded and invested in a concept theme brand restaurant in London serving satay.  She was transferred to Singapore by her company to help establish an Asian base and build up a wholesale office for the region.  

During her time as a corporate suit in the cities of London and Singapore, she never stopped writing, a passion she cultivated for the good of her soul.  She has been a freelance writer (mainly travel) for over 15 years, with published work in local and regional lifestyle magazines as well as online sites.  She has also held various editorial consultant roles, as writer and editor at several publishing concerns.    

She previously worked on a project basis, as an editor and writer at Tuber Productions, the contract publishing arm of Potato Productions.  She was the Editor of Rapport, the National Council of Social Service publication for 4 years.  Kathy was also the Resource Advisor at The Patatas, the social innovation arm of Potato Productions, which utilises technology for social good, focusing on education to impact lives in disadvantaged communities.  

Kathy has always been involved in philanthropy, in one form or another, whether volunteering with charities or serving on fund-raising committees for causes. 

She believes that education is a great equaliser, offering the opportunity to change one's circumstance.  Kathy strongly supports social causes related to women empowerment and literacy in children.  Her belief is that there are clear linkages between education, poverty reduction and sustainability.

On being asked why she loves 'Blessings in a Bag',  Kathyrn shares:  "One word: Inspiring.  I totally support the work that Blessings in a Bag does with youth – our future generation of thought leaders and change-makers. Channelling the positive energy and enthusiasm of young people who want to make a difference in communities in need and create a kinder and more gracious world. I am all for collaboration to build community resilience."