Our hearts are full with gratitude to have the support, time and the heart of the following individuals who commit to our programs.


Joelle kong

worldchangeagent (volunteer) Community and partnerships

A people person, Joelle has extensive experience in human resources and has served in our community for close to 2 years. She leads our volunteer community, encouraging personal development, learning and growth of our volunteers and ensuring that everyone has a sense of belonging.

Joelle loves trying new food spots, cross-fit and is an adventurer-at-heart!

Shyam Achary

Programming and curriculum

An experienced and highly respected educator, Shyam serves with joy by over-seeing programming and curriculum development, ensuring that everything has meaning, purpose and value. She relates to all the kids in our Beyond Awesome program, recently sharing that she shares a similar childhood. A heart for our program, Shyam encourages and mentors all volunteers through organising Educator sessions and personally cheer-leading them on to use their strengths and passion to connect with kids.

Her interests and passions include reading books, sewing and we would say… our program!

khoiriyah insyirooh

community partners and social media

Ever since joining our community, Khoi’s can-do and positivity has been contagious to everyone she meets through our program. She oversees and co-ordinates our community outreaches including our regular Community Walks, being the main point of contact for kids and their parents and connecting with other families in neighbourhoods that would like to learn more. This role is the perfect fit for someone who’s passion is connecting on the ground and leading community development efforts since her pre-university days.

Her passions include social research, performing arts and music as well as using her strengths and skills to serve community meaningfully.

Xuan yun phua

social media, communications and events

She’s a young lady who has an endless supply of words - and now, she gets to use them to make meaningful impact in community. A literature student, she loves to spread the joy of reading and the written word. Xuan Yun takes the lead in over-seeing our social media (in partnership with Khoi!) that you see across our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram platforms! She’s also the one who makes our Jumble Sales possible - so if you’re a regular customer or if you’d like to see more, you’ll most likely see her at every Jumble Sale and volunteer-related session (like our Sort+Prep)!

Xuan Yun loves dinosaurs, has lots of acronyms and new words you’ll be able to pick up if you ever meet her in person and is an optimist at heart.


jumble sales + inspiring spaces

She arrived to Singapore earlier in the year from Germany and has journeyed as a committed volunteer with the program and now leads our weekday Jumble Sales (if you are one of the many visitors who enjoy weekday open times, you have Katharina to thank!) as well as ensuring that our space is organised, neat and most importantly, inspiring to all who step into the space - especially the children and youth who walk through our doors every week. If you’re interested to know when our Jumble Sale dates are, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and look out for Katharina!



When we work with our #WorldChangeAgents, we want them to discover their inner awesome-ness and use that to spearhead projects, campaigns and, well...change the World!  In order to do this, we bring rockstars from various industries to serve our community of #WorldChangeAgents by being personal sounding-boards and cheer-leaders.  Meet some of our rockstars...