Yoga for a Change with Laura Zac

Over the last few months, a friend to the organisation, Laura, reached out to share that she'd like to combine her passion for all things yoga with doing good in the community.  This sparked her passion project:  Yoga for a Change.


How it worked was Laura would put out a call to her friends and yoga-loving network to share that she was leading pay-it-forward yoga sessions under the Singapore stars in partnership with Outta Hatha Yoga and Yoga in Community Singapore.  

After work, Laura would welcome individuals to join her in her yoga practice and charged $20 per drop-in, of which 100% of the proceeds were given to benefit our Beyond Awesome micro-fundraising campaigns.

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Thanks to the wider community who supported Laura's vision of combining back bends and deep breaths with doing something meaningful, they managed to fund-raise SGD$545 of which proceeds went to benefit under-served children and youth in Singapore in need of movement and outdoor activities.   Surplus amounts were given towards our outstanding campaigns such as Beyond Awesome Classroom resources (ensuring students are equipped with the resources and the right environment each time they step into our space) as well as resourcing our program with access to fresh, nutritious fruit to distribute amongst our students and giving them access to explore more of Singapore!

We'd love to thank Laura for all her hard work, her commitment to making a difference and her support for our program.  We hope that this will inspire others reading this to do what they can, with what they have, where they are. 

If you'd like to keep updated on upcoming Yoga for a Change events and on-goings be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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Some ideas to get you dreaming of ways you can take meaningful action:  Leading a series of workshops or classes, organising a group of friends/co-workers to volunteer directly with the program, holding a garage sale or selling un-needed items on carousell, requesting your friends and family to donate to one of our fundraising pages in order to celebrate a milestone (birthday, anniversary, etc), participating in a run and encouraging your friends to donate for every kilometre you complete - we're sure you can think of loads more!

Other ways you can contribute...

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