DHL, Living Responsibility with Blessings in a Bag

A lovely team from DHL reached out to us to organise a group activity in which their Human Resources team could contribute meaningfully towards our Beyond Awesome program in some way.  We organised a Sort + Prep activity with the team which is a very popular way to take some time out during your day to serve alongside your co-workers!  

For DHL,  “Living Responsibility” is their motto, with a focus on environmental protection (GoGreen), disaster management (GoHelp) and education (GoTeach) and support employee volunteerism (Global Volunteer Day, Living Responsibility Fund) 

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Hui Boon and Doreen for co-ordinating their team's visit to our space!


From the minute the team arrived, we knew their hearts were in a good place and that they had an attitude ready to serve with joy!  They asked meaningful questions after we shared about our work in Singapore.  They shared how they'd like to contribute, voting on which activities they'd like to participate in.  And instead of simply doing their tasks for the afternoon...they lived out service and did more than the bare minimum.

For instance, the kitchen team helped to create a better environment for our kids to grab snacks and drinks of water from.  Instead of simply wiping down the counters, these teams were so meticulous and thoughtful in their tasks that they decided to re-organise items in such a neat way that it has impacted the efficiency in which our own teams serve children snacks each week ever since they left!  They were the Mary Poppins of the day!  


The library team curated a wonderful selection of books to celebrate Singapore's National Day and went a step further to hand-craft signs to celebrate the special day as well as make our libraries more enjoyable for kids to hang out, grab a book and read.


The craft and decor team worked so hard to create a welcoming vibe to our space - with a hand-crafted door sign along!  It's still up to this day!


We had other members of the team who helped out with cleaning of our space which is always needed as we welcome large groups of kids and volunteers every week!


And most wonderful of all, the DHL team supported us by creating a new hang out space for our older students (12 and up!).  


DHL presented us with their very own sand-art kit to share with kids in our program at upcoming sessions along with a donation of SGD 200 which will support the work we do every week through Beyond Awesome.


It was truly such a wonderful session that Emily was almost moved to tears when we did the final reveal at the end of the session!

Because our program relies on the generosity of the community, we are incredibly appreciative of the many hearts and hands that come together to do what they can, give what they can and serve however they're able to.  To learn more on how your team at work or school can contribute meaningfully, click here for our group volunteering opportunities.

Thank you, DHL! We hope many other teams are inspired by your acts of service and giving.  


Yoga for a Change with Laura Zac

Over the last few months, a friend to the organisation, Laura, reached out to share that she'd like to combine her passion for all things yoga with doing good in the community.  This sparked her passion project:  Yoga for a Change.


How it worked was Laura would put out a call to her friends and yoga-loving network to share that she was leading pay-it-forward yoga sessions under the Singapore stars in partnership with Outta Hatha Yoga and Yoga in Community Singapore.  

After work, Laura would welcome individuals to join her in her yoga practice and charged $20 per drop-in, of which 100% of the proceeds were given to benefit our Beyond Awesome micro-fundraising campaigns.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 4.01.18 PM.png

Thanks to the wider community who supported Laura's vision of combining back bends and deep breaths with doing something meaningful, they managed to fund-raise SGD$545 of which proceeds went to benefit under-served children and youth in Singapore in need of movement and outdoor activities.   Surplus amounts were given towards our outstanding campaigns such as Beyond Awesome Classroom resources (ensuring students are equipped with the resources and the right environment each time they step into our space) as well as resourcing our program with access to fresh, nutritious fruit to distribute amongst our students and giving them access to explore more of Singapore!

We'd love to thank Laura for all her hard work, her commitment to making a difference and her support for our program.  We hope that this will inspire others reading this to do what they can, with what they have, where they are. 

If you'd like to keep updated on upcoming Yoga for a Change events and on-goings be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 4.04.43 PM.png

Some ideas to get you dreaming of ways you can take meaningful action:  Leading a series of workshops or classes, organising a group of friends/co-workers to volunteer directly with the program, holding a garage sale or selling un-needed items on carousell, requesting your friends and family to donate to one of our fundraising pages in order to celebrate a milestone (birthday, anniversary, etc), participating in a run and encouraging your friends to donate for every kilometre you complete - we're sure you can think of loads more!

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