Why I #BelieveinBlessings: Siang Choo

Siang Choo first came to know about our organisation and work with children and youth in Singapore through a service visit with Salesforce and since then, she and 2 colleagues dedicate one day every 2 months to share their skill-sets and strengths (like her love for upcycling!) with our community. Here’s what Siang Choo had to share about her experience with us and how it connects with her own childhood:

“I really like your mission of inculcating values in the kids…instead of just focusing on academic excellence. During your introduction when I first visited, I could connect with your mission and your approach. Because when I was a kid growing up around York Hill/Jalan Minyak area, I wished that there was a community and an organisation like ‘Blessings in a Bag’ and it’s Beyond Awesome program to expose me to the world of possibilities.

When we wrote essays in school and had to answer what we wanted to be when we grew up, the answer is always teacher, nurse, doctor. These are the ‘professionals’ whom we meet.

My parents, who never went through formal education weren’t able to tell me that there are sectors like technology, investment banking, finance or other career paths.

It was completely by accident, by chance that I ended up studying in an overseas university. After getting pretty good grades for my GCE A Levels, a group of us neighbourhood kids were filling in forms for scholarships to local universities outside our principal’s office. A classmate, who had better educated parents and was more “well informed” than we were, happened to walk past. He looked over our shoulders to take a peek at what we were filling out and he shared nonchalantly, “You all got pretty good grades, you should try to apply for an overseas scholarship.”

He knew more about the world and the possibilities that existed. My friends and I didn’t. But because of his personal insight and comment, we applied.

I was offered a scholarship to major in economics in an overseas university. And I accepted it …. not knowing at all what I could do or could be with an economics degree. During the course, I “played safe” and double majored in accounting because at that time I vaguely remember my parents were rather proud of an uncle who was an accountant in a warehouse.

So, all this to say, I am completely aligned and supportive of this community and the meaningful work you do with these kids. You’re linking them to values, to a moral compass and to the wider world - beyond their neighbourhoods.”

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