Blessings Drop: Jakarta and Sentul, Indonesia

We were first contacted by a young student, Dominic, who was writing in on behalf of his Youth Expedition Project team to share that they would be heading to Indonesia to work together with some local schools and children's homes.  Dominic reached out to request for certain materials and items that we had extra off such as art supplies, painting material, school supplies and more.

Thanks to your generous support in dropping off items, we are able to continue resourcing other social impact, community initiatives and ground-up teams working in Singapore or across the region.  If you're interested to see what items we are currently resourcing/collecting, please CLICK HERE.

If you're a group, ground up initiative or community impact organisation that is in need of resources, please connect with us and we'll see if we have the items you need!

Here are some photos that Dominic shared upon arrival back home in Singapore with his team members.