WCA Hangout - Wet and Wild

Once a month, our WCA Community meets up for fun experiences or opportunities for self development and growth.  It's a great way to connect with one another outside the responsibilities of mentoring and working alongside under-resourced children and youth and we love seeing so many friendships blossom and bloom from these sessions!  If you've served through our program as a WorldChangeAgent before or are currently serving, please look out for upcoming WCA Hangouts by CLICKING HERE.

WCA Words by Adam Gollifer

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It was an early start on Saturday morning, meeting at the Marina. Always great to see these awesome people out of the volunteering context where we have little chance to really connect when we're chasing around younger kids! Spirits were high as we loaded up the boat. We took a short ride out to sea near some near by Islands, with Mr Wizza bringing up the rear on a jet ski (Very cool!). 

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Upon anchoring the boat we inflated the raft and a few inflatable rings. This was a challenge in itself with a hand pump! Because the electrical pumps were having some problems! Everyone handled it with a giggle and we were done in no time. 

It was now time for the rides to begin! 2 by 2 we jumped on the inflatable and were  dragged relentlessly behind Wizza on his jet ski. So much fun!! Ai (Kristin's friend) overcame her fear of the sea and had the ride of her life. She even jumped on the jet ski for a while! 

Between the rides a few of us were laying out on the raft relaxing and getting very sun burnt. Overcast does not mean no need for sun screen!! 

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After the rides we settled into the boat for a few drinks, some food and a couple games. Sharing stories about our experiences and challenges in the program. 

All in all it was such a great day and super fun to catch up with the crew outside of the space. We always come away from these gatherings closer as a group, recharged with passion and ready for anything the kids have to throw at us! 

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Thank you to Water Rampage Asia for providing jet-skis, boat and raft equipment!  We couldn't have had so much fun on the water without you.