Blessings Drop: 'Impact Migrants' in France

We're excited to share some images with you of donations-in-kind contributed by the Singaporean community, supporting a French-based organisation called, IMPACT MIGRANTS, which builds skills among migrants, connecting them with freelance opportunities and facilitating their employment by businesses to enable them to pull their own weight and add value to society.

With children and youth from migrant families, they are equipped with French language lessons and curated cultural workshops such as tap-dancing and art!  This particular shelter is home to a mix of residents who are homeless or seeking refuge for a number of reasons.


Thank you to Robin Low for personally carrying school back packs, school supplies and children's books.  Robin is the co-founder of the Civil Innovation Lab, promoting Social impact through civil action and local innovation. He works in collaboration with various universities including Stanford University to enhance efficiency and impact on social initiatives. He also runs workshops to inspire behaviour change and innovate business and social impact.  Robin co-founded Relief 2.0 ( which promotes sustainable disaster recovery, by engaging, empowering, enabling and connecting survivors to the support they need. 


Most of the donations-in-kind that you contribute will go towards our Singapore-based Beyond Awesome program which benefits under-served children and youth and we also work closely with the Ministry of Social and Family development, other social service organisations and ground-up initiatives in need of resources.  Whatever we have to spare, we share with individuals who are in need of resources for groups outside of Singapore, specifically the Asia region and so this is the first time our items (contributed by our generous givers - you!) have ended up in Europe.


We wanted to share this with you to say that this is one of the reasons why we update our wish-lists on a regular basis and encourage you to be thoughtful about the items you're passing on.  If it's items that you would be happy to gift-wrap and give to a family member or a friend, then we'll be glad to have them because we want to encourage the concept of 'giving with dignity'.