Blessings Drop: Taroka, Batam Island

Thanks to your generous support in dropping off items, we are able to continue resourcing other social impact, community initiatives and ground-up teams working in Singapore or across the region.

If you're interested to see what items we are currently resourcing/collecting, please CLICK HERE.

At the end of 2017, more than 100 children received a Blessing Bag Pack stocked full of resources and supplies which were passed to a Singapore-led team.

Contributions from our centre consisted of:

  •  6 colouring books 
  • 10 colouring sets
  • 2 craft sets
  • 9 oil pastels sets
  • 5 oil pastels
  • 11 stationery sets
  • 4 pencil cases
  • 36 sticker books
  • 7 crayon sets
  • 34 boxes of crayon
  •  13 tube boxes of colour pencils 
  • 46 boxes of colour pencils
  • 58 notebooks
  • 30 medium boxes of crayons
  • 3 big crayon sets

Here are some photos shared with us from their team.