Ready for Take-off in 3,2,1!

We get it.  There is so much to do, yet so little time.  From the time you hit the snooze button on your phone alarm clock, you're pretty much in a frenzy with calls to make, emails to push 'send' on and let's not get started on how many meetings and people you've over-committed yourself to.  And if you're still in school, how can we forget how much homework teachers pile you up with, extra-curricular activities and the confusing maze with which you have to navigate yourselves through when you're 'growing up'.

So when we come across people who take time - scratch that - make time, to help out in whatever ways they can, we are so grateful.  We know that for some, you take time out to travel out to wherever you're most needed whether it's the pick-up crew teams, #BeyondAwesome session teams or simply pitching in where we need it most.  For others, you spend time to work behind-the-scenes, planning sessions, co-ordinating #WorldChangeAgents, reaching out to kids and families and more!  If you're one of them, Thank you.

This week, we welcomed Lexie (she ran her first session two weeks back) into our HQ along with her two friends, Angela and Marcella.  Lexie has joined our team of committed #WCALeaders and will be leading the expansion of our program to see Beyond Awesome Nights being added to our roster of activities.  Apart from this, she helps out with our Saturday sessions, works with the team to curate ideas and shares her knowledge.  

For Angela and Marcella, it was their first time stepping into our space and learning more about our program.  They lent a helping hand, together with Lexie, to oversee new furniture pieces being put in place, sorted out piles of donations-in-kind and re-arranged our space to make it awesome for our kids.  Welcome, Angela and Marcella!  We're excited to see more of you in the coming weeks as you decide how best you can help us out.  

Our current needs are:

  • #WorldChangeAgents for our pick-up crews for Thursdays and Saturdays.  
  • #WorldChangeAgents for our sessions on Thursdays and Saturdays
  • #WCALeaders to help ideate, plan and oversee our program together with our team (like Lexie)!
  • Sponsors for food,  specific items we need for our space - like quality children's picture books, etc, bus rides (we hire out a private bus to ensure kids are safely transported from home and back).

If you're reading this and you feel compelled even in the slightest way to help us out, please click here and we'll get you started!  The first step is always the part that feels the most challenging.  We encourage you to take that leap of faith and join us - and our kids - you won't ever look back!

We can't wait to meet you and serve alongside you! :)