Connecting those who have with those in need

In 2014, we re-directed our focus + efforts to supporting local communities and organizations within Singapore. People are often surprised about what can make a difference in somebody's life. Simple items that some of us may not think about as we go about our day - a pair of shoes, a bag full of books or even a warm blanket to fall asleep under can go a long way.  You can directly and positively impact somebody's life by donating new or quality used items.  We have included a list of specific items for specific causes and where/when to drop them off below.   Some items will be re-directed to our Beyond Awesome Shop which is open to the public to purchase items as well as families/community members that we serve in Singapore - 100% of proceeds will go towards our program.

Please ensure that items are new or like-new.  Just imagine that you are gifting this to your own child or a friend, would you feel proud to pass this item along?  If the answer is a 'YES!', then we'll gladly accept it.  If the answer is 'NO', then you know that it is not suitable for our organisation.  We wish to create awareness that giving is not a one-way street - it's about dignity.  If you're simply treating our collection as a dumping ground (we have received many items such as used underwear, mouldy books, funeral offerings and more!), we would encourage you to reflect and have a think about why it is you want to give in the first place.  We're really grateful for those in the community who give with generosity and give with heart - because it really shows in the way the items are dropped off!

Any items that have been dropped off that are unsuitable or unable to be passed onto communities we work with will be used to support our program through our jumble sales! Our team who have consistently journeyed alongside with children and youth will be able to determine which items are most suitable for the program.

If you have any questions about dropping off donations-in-kind, how they should be packed, etc, check out this page which answers are frequently asked questions.  

Drop-off Location & Times (updated 5 DEC 2018)

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We want to make it clear that we are not a dumping ground and that we work closely with the needs of community members - we would encourage our supporters to understand that this is about giving with thought, consideration and care to those who have specific material needs.  This is one of the reasons why our wish-list items change on a regular basis and why we may not run donation drives for a specific month - because we are working with real people in community who have varying requests for support.    


Welcome! We know there's A LOT of love during this time of the year and we know we've temporarily paused direct, in-person drop-offs to our space for the last few months.'s the best Christmas season news to all you generous givers this season!☃️❄️🎄

The only place collecting donations-in-kind this month is our wonderful friends from The Toy Folks at Forum The Shopping Mall!

Help share our website link to your friends and family!

Merry Christmas, everyone - thank you for your non-stop love over the years! 💜💙💚💛❤️

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