Connecting those who have with those in need

In 2014, we re-directed our focus + efforts to supporting local communities and organizations within Singapore. People are often surprised about what can make a difference in somebody's life. Simple items that some of us may not think about as we go about our day - a pair of shoes, a bag full of books or even a warm blanket to fall asleep under can go a long way.  You can directly and positively impact somebody's life by donating new or quality used items.  We have included a list of specific items for specific causes and where/when to drop them off below. 

Drop-off Location & Times (updated 30/10/17)

Please note that we have closed donation-in-kind collections for the remainder of 2017.  Thank you for your incredible kindness + generosity this year.  We will re-open collections in 2018.  In order to be the first in the know, please follow us on our Facebook adventures.