Give Time

Because change in community always starts with a heart to serve. We work hand in hand with local communities to change lives.  Take a look at the specific openings we have below and see how you can contribute, make your mark and leave a legacy of impact!

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You will serve through our Beyond Awesome program which impacts under-resourced children and youth in Singapore.

You can find details of upcoming volunteer opportunities, dates and times in our Facebook Group




We’re on the lookout for the following skillsets that you can offer on a one-time or regular basis through our community initiatives.

LEGAL SUPPORT(eg looking over our policies, providing support to some of our volunteers who have questions and wish to carry out due diligence, looking over some of our legal forms, etc) . Legal Support Commitment: On an as-needed basis but would be great if it’s with an individual that would journey with us.

GRAPHICS DESIGN (eg creating collateral for our social media channels, websites, posters, etc. There may be opportunities for you to share your skills with some of our youth, too!) . Graphic Design Commitment: Weekly. We would ideally be looking to have a team of support so that the work is spread amongst us.



Are you a teacher?  Have you experienced working in the education sector for awhile?  We'd love to host you as part of our 'Surprise Sessions'; a curated series of workshops for our volunteers who are looking for inspiration, words of wisdom and someone to share their experiences with.  You can share your personal journey as an educator, provide tips on working with children and youth and open up to the floor for a range of questions (they have plenty!).  All it takes is two hours of your time on weekday evenings or Sunday afternoons and you can pop in more than once - let's get the conversation started!

Commitment: One off, a series or at regular periods that are decided together.