Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

Our headquarters are located at Tan Boon Liat Building (315 Outram Road), #08-06A.  We try our best to co-ordinate regular drop-off timings but this depends on the number of volunteers we get and the needs of the local community.  Please do not dump items outside our door, these will be thrown out by building staff (see below for details)!


What are your opening hours?

Please see our date and time listings by *clicking here*


What if I just show up at your front door?

Unfortunately, our volunteer team only serves on specific hours on specific days.  Doing so would be at your own risk and the items may be removed by the cleaning company that services the building or taken by passers-by.  We would strongly encourage you to check out our upcoming donation drop-off times by *clicking here*.  We are not a dumping ground.


Do you provide door-to-door pick up?

We currently do not have this service available.


What items do you accept?

Please *click here* to view our update wish-list.  Take note that we update the list as often as every week so it's best to keep checking back to ensure that items you're intending to give haven't already been fulfilled by generous givers, like yourself, in the community!


What if I have items to give that aren't listed on your website?

It means that we currently do not have a need for such items or we are at full capacity.  Please do not drop off items that are not listed on our website as we try our best to ensure that only items that directly benefit communities are being sourced.  Sometimes certain items can be taken off our list for a few weeks or a month or so and then we will have a need for them in the future - so keep checking our wish-list page as often as you can or follow us on Facebook to get the latest news/updates!


Do items need to be brand new or can I rummage around my home for what you need?

Most items we list can be found in your own home.  We will be specific about which items need to be brand new or in un-tampered packaging on our wish-list page.  In saying this, we would encourage you to give with love + care.  A helpful tip as to whether an item can be dropped off to us or not is whether you are able to gift-wrap the item and present it as a gift to your own child or to a friend.  If you feel proud and excited for them to receive the items, then we will be glad to accept them as well!  


How should I pack and drop-off my items?

If possible, it's best to pack items into bags and securely tie the handles together so contents don't fall out when our incredible team of volunteers come together to sort items out.  If you're packing board games or sets of toys, please enclose them into a ziplock back because the lids do fall off and pieces from the games go missing when not packaged well. You can also use scotch tape to gently seal board games or items that may fall out easily during the drop off process.  As a general guide, we would strongly encourage you to either bag or box items up and clearly label the contents on it. 


How can I help?

We're so glad (and excited!) you asked.  Find out about volunteering opportunities via our Giving.SG page or by checking out our volunteer group on Facebook!  


What's the best way to stay updated?

We regularly post for specific items or call out to the community for their support via our Facebook Page.  Please give us a 'LIKE' and a follow by *clicking here*. We’re also on Instagram (lots of adventures are documented here and behind-the-scenes) so follow us here.


Where do your items get distributed?

Most items directly impact and resource our Beyond Awesome Program community.  We outreach to under-served children and youth in Singapore and constantly have a need for resources based on what our team captains organise in terms of class projects, field trips or guest workshop hosts!