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Beyond Awesome x SPEED Sports and Conditioning (Volunteers Needed)


Date:  13th August 2016

Time: 2:45pm to 5:45pm

Venue:  Block 91 (Pick up and drop off crew) and SPEED SPORTS at 100 Turf Club Road 

We inspire and support youth (6 and up) to dream big through literacy, creative arts and awesome experiences. Our program currently serves communities in Redhill, Bukit Merah and Henderson every Saturday.

August 13th sees us partner with our friends from Speed Sports & Conditioning running a fun indoor bootcamp for our kids.

We require additional support of 5 #WorldChangeAgents for this session. 

We would encourage you to think carefully about your commitment and personal scheduling. There have been some instances in the past where people sign up only to drop out on the day or a few hours before a session starts. You are signing up to be there for someone that could be waiting for you to be their buddy! 

We would urge you to think about your decision if you are not sure or if your schedules change all the time as we really wish to seek those who share the same value: that volunteering is not an option but a commitment and responsibility you take on! Our WCA Leaders put in a lot of effort into ensuring the program runs smoothly, including the behind-the-scenes action and it would only be fair to them and the community that we are reaching out to to show up and spread some awesome-ness!

So if you're ready to have some fun, make a difference and commit to doing awesome things together with us, sign up here and one of our#WCALeaders will be in touch with you: *click here*