At Beyond Awesome, students explore the world around them and discover friendships and their potential in life.  

Our program goals are to nurture and develop each student in our care, so that they leave with the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to be a world-ready individual in today's fast changing era.

We combine uniquely big opportunities through offerings such as our 'JalanJalan' experiences with personalized care and individual attention.  

We open a few workshops to the general public where parents and children can join in.  Click below to learn more about Beyond Awesome and to see when our next open-to-public workshops are being held.


Literacy, curiosity and creativity are high priority learning areas for students who would otherwise not have this much emphasis placed on their day-to-day education.  Our passionate and committed team take an active role in fostering intellectual and emotional wellbeing for each and every 'Beyond Awesome' student.  We believe students who are well from within are able to engage more fully with the World around them and to flourish academically, socially and personally.

Within our program, activities and time have been designed to encourage and allow for students to participate at their own level, become part of a community and to realize their full potential. Emphasis has been placed on the wellbeing of our students through regular interaction and contact with our students, feedback from teachers and family support systems, and community engagement such as hosting Family Circle Times or Community Block Parties.  

While we are aware of the increasing pressure of students to perform well academically in Singapore, we believe it is not everything.  Our definition of success is to see each student's emotional intelligence, resilience, confidence and compassion for others be developed throughout our program offerings.  



We outreach to youth across Singapore** with a focus on low-opportunity youth.

Beyond Awesome Nights - Thursdays 6pm to 10pm.  This program offering has professional teachers on site conducting personalised reading programs, lesson plans and one-on-one support for students who come in with their homework.

Beyond Awesome Experience - Saturdays 3pm to 6pm

OK GO (Sport Program in Partnership with Nike South East Asia) - Last two Tuesdays of the Month 4:30pm to 6pm.

**We open up limited workshops to the general public to attend. For every child that attends a workshop, another low-opportunity youth gains access to a future workshop that we run. Check out our upcoming workshops open to public by clicking here.