90 days of awesome

90 Days of Awesome is an experience like no other. It is a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the World around you, discover who you are and make a meaningful difference in your life and in the life of someone else.  When you step up to the plate to join, you will be known as a #WorldChangeAgent.  

90 Days of Awesome will see you commit to get hands-on experience in a wide range of skill-sets, network with inspirational people, and contribute to meaningful work that will have a real impact on your community...and we promise you won't need to make a single coffee (unless you want one of course!)

Internship Opportunities at Blessings in a Bag

We're looking for #WorldChangeAgents who aren't afraid of rolling up their sleeves, breaking out in a sweat, or dreaming big, and those who can take the initiative to do super-duper things for the community. We will be counting on you to do impactful, meaningful and close-to-your-heart work that will not only build your resume, but influence Blessings in a Bag (and the wider community!) in years to come.

Internship opportunities at Blessings in a Bag

what makes 90 days of awesome so awesome?

  • You will put your skills to the test and learn new ones - we have a variety of learning opportunities that can cater to your strengths and interest
  • You will work alongside experienced, passionate and all-round awesome #WorldChangeAgent Leaders as well as Blessings in a Bag Founder, Emily Teng
  • You will receive mentorship from industry experts - we have access to some rock-star individuals from various industries, be it media, business, start-ups, tech - and more! You'll either get personal support and mentorship or the chance to visit their place of work for some valuable behind-the-scenes experiences
  • You will have the opportunity to interact directly and personally with the local community we work with 
  • You will take ownership of projects - there isn't much micro-managing, you can take initiative, be pro-active and #justdoit
  • You will make new and amazing friendships as well as contribute and join in WCAHangouts

See what our #WorldChangAgents have been up to on Instagram @90DaysofAwesome

WCAHangout at Blessings in a Bag

your commitment

  • You will need to commit to a minimum of three months as an intern with Blessings in a Bag
  • You will need to travel to our HQ on River Valley Road or other locations if need be for various events and activities
  • Sometimes we run events and activities outside normal 'office hours' and will need your support (and awesome-ness)
  • You will need to complete at least one meaningful project that will be important to you and Blessings in a Bag - tell us what excites you or what you'd like to learn and we'll try to match you to the right project
  • You will provide hands-on and behind-the-scenes support to other teams and campaigns that are active during your time with us
  • You will need to commit to at least three working days a week

awesome for you

You will receive:

  • A #WorldChangeAgent T-shirt
  • A Blessings in a Bag branded mug and other related merchandise
  • An awesome reference letter
  • Travel fare
  • Flexible working hours

We have limited spaces available but we're always on the lookout for awesome folks! Complete this form to register your interest in our 90 Days of Awesome internship and find out more about the roles and responsibilities.